Star Wars Heroic Roleplaying: Part IV

It’s been quite some time since our last post, so here’s a little recap: Part One presented the basic rules for character creation; Part Two covered character advancement and gamemastering; and Part Three brought some PC and NPC examples (fresh from Episode VII: The Force Awakens). In this post, the Fourth (and final) Part, we’ll see how to handle scale, […]

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Star Wars Heroic Roleplaying: Part II

Previously, on Star Wars Heroic Roleplaying: we saw the guidelines to hack Heroic Roleplaying’s character creation for the SW setting. Very few changes are necessary, mainly replacing Affiliations for Drives, Power Sets became Abilities, and rebranding some Specialties. In this post, we’ll finish character creation and discuss other adjustments needed to run the game: Experience Points, the Dark Side pool and […]

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