Star Wars Heroic Roleplaying: Part II

Previously, on Star Wars Heroic Roleplaying: we saw the guidelines to hack Heroic Roleplaying’s character creation for the SW setting. Very few changes are necessary, mainly replacing Affiliations for Drives, Power Sets became Abilities, and rebranding some Specialties. In this post, we’ll finish character creation and discuss other adjustments needed to run the game: Experience Points, the Dark Side pool and Force points.

As mentioned before, this a hack requires some familiarity with the Heroic  Roleplaying system (Marvel Heroic Roleplaying and Fantasy Heroic Roleplaying) described in the Cortex Plus Hacker’s Guide. I trust that you (or your Gamemaster) have access to it but, if you don’t, you can get it here.

This game material references the Cortex Plus® game system, available from Margaret Weis Productions at Cortex® and Cortex Plus® and all associated logos and trademarks are solely owned by Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd. and are used with permission. Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd. makes no representation or warranty as to the quality, viability, or suitability of the purpose of this product.

I. HERO CREATION (continued)

Last, we saw that Milestones generate experience. Now, the ways to spend that experience.


© Disney & Lucasfilm
© Disney & Lucasfilm 2015

Experience Points gained may be spent during any non-Action Scene to improve your character or to unlock Adventure resources. You can spend as much XP as you have earned to unlock multiple upgrades at once. Here’s the list:

You can spend 5 XP to

  • Add a new power trait at D6 in one of your Abilities, Signature Assets or Special Talents.
  • Add or replace a Limit in one of your Abilities, Signature Assets or Special Talents.
  • Change an existing Distinction for a new one.
  • Switch two Drives traits.
  • Train a new Specialty at Expert
  • Unlock a minor Adventure resource.

You can spend 10 XP to

  • Add a new SFX to one of your Abilities, Signature Assets or Special Talents.
  • Remove a Limit from a Ability, Signature Asset or Special Talent that has two or more Limits.
  • Unlock a major Adventure resource.
  • Upgrade an existing power trait from D6 to D8.

You can spend 15 XP to

  • Replace an existingAbility, Signature Asset or Special Talent with a new one.
  • Upgrade an existing Expert Specialty to Master.
  • Upgrade an existing power trait from D8 to D10.

You can spend 20 XP to

  • Upgrade an existing power trait from d10 to d12.

You can also spend 1 XP to add a Force Point to your current pool of FP.


“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

Instead of the three kinds of stress used on other Heroic Roleplaying games (Physical, Mental, Emotional for Marvel; Physical, Mental, Social for Fantasy), in Star Wars we’ll borrow the five stress traits found in Dramatic Roleplaying (slightly renamed): Fear, Anger, Injury, Insecurity, Exhaustion.

Injury is the most straightforward as it represents physical wounds suffered as part of adventuring. FearAnger and Insecurity are inflicted as a result of emotional conflicts, but may also come from social interactions. Exhaustion can come from both physical and mental exertion.


Write your hero’s name and description. You are good to go.



Plot Points? No. Here we call them Force Points (FP)! (It’s Star Wars after all.)


Again, rebranding. The doom pool becames the dark side pool. The dice in it are called dark side dice.

The dark side pool represents the ebb and flow of dread, chaos and danger that results from the heroes’ actions in the adventure.

There isn’t a temptation rule in Star Wars Heroic Roleplaying. It’s up to each player to decide whether or not her character should fall to the Dark Side. However, should they choose this path, their actions may contribute to the growth of the dark side pool. This can be done by SFX that represent recklessness or collateral damage and/or Limits that represent lack of control.

Using dark side dice

The same doom dice uses apply to dark side dice.

As we don’t work with Affiliations, any size dark side die can split the group into separate Scenes or to bring them togheter if they’re apart. Spend a dark side die per hero to be split off into another group.


©Disney & Lucasfilm 2015

MHR had two types of scenes: Action and Transition. FHR uses three types of Scenes: Combat, Exploration and Social. Star Wars Heroic operates as the later: we’ll also use three types that are called Action (instead of Combat), Exploration and Social.

An Action Scene is any scene that operates in action order e.g. speeder chases, lightsaber duels, fight scenes.

A Exploration Scene involves travel, exploration and investigtion. In these scenes, heroes can:

  • Roll to recover their own or another’s stress.
  • Roll to search for items or create an asset.
  • Roll to explore.
  • Spend 1 FP to make an Exploration-based resource.

Social Scene is a scene where wills and interests are at conflict e.g. debates, performances, negotiations. Here heroes can:

  • Roll to recover their own or another’s stress.
  • Roll to recruit an ally asset or hireling.
  • Spend 1 FP to make an Social-based resource.


Opponents and Threats are built with the same guidelines used in other Heroic Roleplaying games. Anything or anyone that stands against the heroes’ efforts is considered a challenge. So, again, following an idea brought in FHR, we’ll replace the threat Affiliation for a Challenge die. The Challenge die measures the relative power of the opposition as well as how much stress it takes to remove it from the scene. They are rated  D4 (Minion) for a minor threat; D6 (Standard) for an average challenge; D8 (Elite) for a significant threat to the heroes; D10 (Boss) for a foe that is more than a match for a single hero, and D12 (Epic) for the ultimate challenge.

That’s it, my friends. This is everything you need to run a truly heroic campaing in the Star Wars universe. Have fun!

May The Force be with you. Always.

Next: In Part III, we’ll see a few Sample Heroes And Foes



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